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Hey, I'm Ellen!

A Black Hills based portrait photographer and landscape artist that styles attire and gear with a purpose to optimize a life lived glamorously simple. 

For me, a life lived simply is a life worth living and the foundation of this mindset is rooted in the great outdoors. All of my ideas and creations are inspired by nature. I'll bring the outdoors into your home through the large wall art I create, I'll send you on a journey through the forest with my Trail Maps, or I'll bring you on an adventure to a new location I stumbled upon during a shoot. The more engulfed in nature, the more life is lived glamorously simple.


Near and far, there is a lot to explore and see. I'm someone who seeks to be out in it all as much as possible! I've even built a camping rig in my little Honda Element for those spur of the moment camping trips, which has brought me coast to coast multiple times.


Roughing it in the wild and living part-time out my vehicle is the life I love living. My goals are to do a bit of van life-ing, build few tiny homes where I love to visit most, and continue a comfortable, outdoor, minimalistic way of living. It's where I find my sanity, serenity and happy place. 

Outside of my photography and travels, I chase storms and sunsets, teach and mentor those who aspire to be successful in the creative world, exercise often, bop to anything but country music, spend more time than I should on Instagram, dabble in furthering my ways of bio-hacking to optimum health, indulge myself into the Word of God, host and initiate large friend gatherings, sip on lots of iced green tea, nerd out on the new and improved camera gear and editing softwares, and participate in my fair share of extreme and not so extreme sports like skydiving, snowboarding, hiking, long boarding, running, pole vaulting, dancing, and hammocking.

So if you're into going on an epic adventure, then I am super excited to bring you along!

• Published in Outdoor Magazine - July 2017 issue

• 3 Gold ADDY Awards - 2015

• Silver ADDY Award - 2015

• Best in Show ADDY Award - 2015

• Finalist in Photographers Forum - 2015

• Curator's Choice and 2nd Place in Dahl Mountain Photo Competition - 2015


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