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A designer shoe brand that dedicates their footwear to women who value style and versatility. If there is one thing Sofft really focuses on, it's the detail. Their shoes are handmade with natural leathers and their foundation lies within the traditional art of shoemaking. It's clear when slipping my feet into one of their shoes that these are topnotch quality, and the comfort level is amazing, not to mention, these shoes actually turn heads.

During my last semester of college, I had the opportunity to intern in the media department of Sofft Shoe just outside of Boston, MA. As my duties mostly took place in the photo studio, I also had the chance to see and understand the process of how a shoe is born into existence. From the inspiration, to the design, to the narrowing down of which ones make the cut, and so forth. These shoes truly are works of art.

After my internship ended, I decided to focus more on my personal portrait work and move back to the Black Hills. This was not the end of me and Sofft's relationship, as we still work together in other ways. I now provide lifestyle imagery for their Instagram and have since early summer of 2017. 

For more information on Sofft Shoe and their beautiful footwear click here

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