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Eezy Supplies is an apparel company based out of Seal Beach, CA focusing their gear on the adventure-seeking, outdoor enthusiast. Eezy's mission is to provide sustainable clothing and resurface the "search for simplicity."  The best way for me to stay true to their mission within my imagery is by roughing it where the root of simplistic moments occur. The wild. 

Starting in the fall of 2016, my boyfriend, Mike, and I built a custom set up in our Honda Element to camp in for months at a time. We set sail all over the nation fitting everything we needed to survive in this car; bed, kitchen, water, food, and the necessary essentials. By the end of our first month on the road, Jaime, the founder and owner of Eezy Supplies, agreed to team up with us and support our part-time car living! Ever since then, we have been proudly repping and adventuring in Eezy's gear. Through the years, Mike and I have collaborated with Eezy on many projects including, Eezy Rigs, Instagram takeovers, and capturing product out in the field while also developing an honest and great relationship with Jaime. We love everything about Eezy Supplies, from the quality of the gear and branding, to the voice and mission it exudes! It's our go to excursion gear and Mike and I both firmly stand behind it all!


Click here to find out more on Eezy Supplies gear and mission!

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