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How I Save Hundreds of $$$ on my Phone Bill Every Month

For the longest time I was spending over $100 a month on my phone bill. YIKES! This didn't even get me the best speed or unlimited text and data. Seems a bit ridiculous right? Yeah, I thought so too. I also just accepted it as the standard because I wanted the best and Verizon claims they are just that! If you're reading this thinking, "holy wow. Yup! This is exactly me right now." Then you're going to want to keep reading because last summer I discovered a service that I thought was too good to be true.

Ever heard of the phone service "Visible Mobile?!" Whether you have or haven't, get ready to be shook, because they are literally the real deal and too good not to share about.

I first stumbled upon them during the Underground Music Festival in Denver, CO summer of 2019. It was a really hot weekend and I kept seeing these trendy hydro flasks & fanny packs floating around with this adorable little winky face printed on them. I went to go investigate where these were coming from because water bottles and fanny packs are essential to have at an outdoor music festival right?! Plus, they were super cute!

Come to find out it was a phone service company with the most genius branding and strategy! Yeah Visible Mobile is what they call themselves. SO I went to their booth and found one of their workers. I asked how I could get some of their sweet merch? It was easy, I simply just had to post a photo or video to my Instagram story and tag them in it. THAT WAS IT! I was impressed from the start to say the least. Now, hear me out, I am a sucker for well thought out branding. That's why I had to mention my first hand experience with Visible. But just wait, it gets way better.

Everyone working the booth treated me like I was a long time friend. They welcomed me to just hang out, fill my new bottle from their ice cold water tap and sit in their lounge next to the stage FOR FREE. They even had charging stations in their booth! These people knew their customer like the back of their hand and I couldn't get over how much value they provided whether I was a Visible Mobile user or not.

After hanging out for a while, I asked what the catch was? The girl helping me simply said, "There is no catch! Just $40 a month for unlimited messages, data and minutes all on Verizon's 4G LTE Network." **Insert mind blown emoji** because I couldn't begin to fathom that it was actually that inexpensive for ALL OF THAT! And if you think that is amazing, it gets even better!

Just for signing up, I would get my first month for only $20. As long as my phone was fully paid off on my current network (aka, Verizon Wireless), I was eligible to make the switch and do it fast.

Visible is all about no BS. No annual contracts, no hidden fees, nothing. They even ditched the stores, lines, and annoying sales people. Not to mention the transition was the easiest thing of my entire life! This was probably the most impressive part in my book because I'm so use to having to drive to Verizon and wait for a sales man trying to be sneaky and sell me on something I don't even need. But with Visible, I simply went to their website, signed up, answered about 5-6 questions, then within 2 days, a new sim card arrived at my doorstep. I followed the simple instructions, downloaded the app, and BOOM! I kid you not, within 5 min I was ready to rock and roll on this new network!

I didn't have to have any additional help. I got exactly what I needed, and to my surprise, everything worked exactly as I had hoped and even better! I didn't realized that on top of unlimited everything, they removed their speed cap. So my phone service operates 20x's faster than it ever did while I was on Verizon. I even got to keep my phone at no extra cost or anything. It was literally a dream come true.

I've been using Visible for almost an entire year now and I have not ever dealt with any problems during that time. The one time my card expired and I needed to make the adjustments, I simply went into the app and changed it right away. Something wasn't being recognized on my card, so I hit up their customer service chat right in the app and within seconds, I was conversing with a real human on the other end.

I literally have nothing bad to say about Visible Mobile. For just becoming a member, about a month after I made the switch, they sent me a hand written note and gave me a portable charging bank for my iPhone 8, some of those rad little smiley and winky face stickers, and a little pin to throw on my bag or where I wanted to stick it! Then another couple months after that, they sent me a $100 prepaid credit card to use for my next phone bills because I had so many people sign up with them using my code. Then a month or so after that, they graced me with a $20 gift card to Amazon for just sticking with them. Like WHO DOES THAT?! With all that being said, if you do decide you want to make the switch from your current phone service to Visible Mobile, use my code tFcRz to get half off your first month!

A phone service that actually cares about their customers and provides fast, simple, and incredibly easy everything is a flat out heck yes for me. I am SO happy I made the switch! That's why I am coming on here and telling you about my experience with Visible Mobile today. They not only have helped me save hundreds of dollars but, they continue to floor me with the value that they provide all while keeping their customers first in mind. Don't waste another dollar paying for a phone service that takes more time out of your day than necessary when you have an issue, or overcharges up the wazoo for features that should only cost no more than $40 a month.


There is even a thing called "Party Pay"

Now I am my own entity on my phone bill, but I know they recently implemented a new thing called Party Pay.

Basically you can lower your monthly phone bill by $5 for every person you link up with. I'm talking couples, best friends, co-workers, etc. can all pay less as long as you all stick together. If you have 3 people you link up with, your monthly bill is then $30. 4 people, then it's $25. You get the idea! Plus you all pay your own bills totally separate from each other each month. It's a crazy concept I know! But leave it to Visible to serve at an even higher level with this creative way for you to save more.

Still not convinced? Well, it doesn't hurt to further your research honestly. In fact, I encourage it! Visit their aesthetically pleasing and super easy to navigate website by clicking right here.

And don't forget, if you do make the transition, save yourself more money by using my trusty code I provided above.

Happy Saving! :)

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