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Meteor Shower in the Badlands National Park

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

An unforgettable evening under the stars. 💫⚡️

Before arriving to our campsite in the Badlands, we were very much on the fence of prevailing through the night. All afternoon and evening severe thunderstorms raged throughout the Black Hills the the surrounding plains.

The lighting was fierce and the terrain of the Badlands is a colossal mess when wet. Plus, the amount of large hail that fell in various places had us concerned. But low and behold, the road we turn down to get to this exclusive spot had barely been touched by the storms; like a little oasis.

After setting camp up, the winds picked up and the rain fell slightly for only a little while. The heat of the storm was just south of us which made for an amazing light show as we all sat up high on a ledge and watched it light up the sky around us. My heart raced with excitement as I am a bit terrified of the power of lightning. ⚡️

Not long after the skies began to clear, the wind became nonexistent, and the stars really started to shine bright. Then the meteors began to fall throughout the sky 😍

Probably about an hour or so of gazing, clouds rolled in and blocked our view to where weren’t able to enjoy the peak of the light show. However, we still had an incredible experience and I managed to capture a few solid images of it taking place.

The lightning off in the distance illuminated the clay formed hills providing much better detail in the landscape against the night sky. Once again, I’m am thankful for not bailing when my doubts started creeping in. For whatever reason, a good storm always makes for some of the best images and views soon after it passes. 🙌🏽

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