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Deep Discount Dvd

A sanctuary for music junkies, bookworms and movie buffs, strives to provide the best entertainment at affordable prices. You can shop for DVDs, Blu-ray discs and box sets of your favorite TV shows. Or add to your impressive vinyl collection with discounted LPs. The site delivers the latest releases in CDs, as well as books and planners. Enjoy gaming in your spare time? Snap up Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox's most sought-after video games -- for less.

deep discount dvd

Like us, wants you to save as much as possible on your purchase. That's why the online retailer devotes an entire section to its daily deal alerts. You can browse music label sales, movie discounts, toy markdowns and so much more.

The Blowout Bin offers really deep discounts on last-chance items. You'll score up to 80% off movies, music records, clothing, action figures and accessories. Just look for the 'BB' icon when searching the site. It's a great way to snag products at a bargain.

I ordered 3 dvds on a special promotioin of 25% off their regular price. They billed me for the full price. When I complained they provided the discount on 2 of 3 items. They said that this item was not on the list for the 25% discount even though it was listed on their website as such. I requested a refund and they said I would pay for the shipping because it was "my fault--not theirs." I will never order from this dishonest company again. I now only get dvds from Amazon and discovered that their prices are even lower than Deep Discount. Moreover, Amazon has always been excellent with customer service issues.

Placed a confirmed order on advertised price on .Order was accepted and processed but next day they sent an email cancelling the order saying it was a pricing error. This website is just collecting customer contact & credit card data . BAD BAD SALEs Practises

i am 14 and have ordered many tv seasons like monk and a few movies at deep discount and for me they always came within the standerd shipping time they say it will come at and my dad said they never had hidden fees or scams like with other dvd companys like I know this isnt a complaint but i just want people to be happy like i have

My experience with deepdiscount has been less than palatable as well. Placed an order during a promotion with a coupon and was charged for the item. The next day, received an email informing me that it was backordered... i thought that's ok, I could wait. Much later, I received another email informing me that my order has been canceled due to a price error, and that deepdiscount has many other products on promotion at great prices.When I wrote to them through BBB, they repeated claimed that as the coupon was promoted on some other website, they are not responsible for them...even though the other website merely pointed readers to deepdiscount's website, and all transactions occured on their website. They even acknowledged that the coupon was valid, but since it was promoted on another website (even though that website merely pointed readers to deepdiscount's website), they do not have to honor them. And again, they hid behind their policy that they can cancel any order if there are (real or otherwise) any pricing errors.I would advice consumers to stay away from may think you are able to save a few bucks, but all I got was my order cancelled, and a link to more products at 'fantastic prices'.

Fengtao Software Wednesday on November 23 kicks off the Black Friday Special Deals for the second largest shopping season of the year, beginning with the Thanksgiving Day, running through the Black Friday and ending on the following Cyber Monday. The company is offering 30% amazing discount on all its products.

Black Friday has something of a reputation -- and for good reason. If you're willing to brave the hordes, the discounts are substantial. I've been covering this shopping frenzy for the last eight years, and this year may be one of the best ever for doorbuster deals on TVs, Blu-ray DVD players, and oddly, laser printers. Here are my top picks for the best Black Friday deals available.

Apple has its once yearly sale on Black Friday, both online and off. Discounts are usually 5 to 10 percent off computers, iPods, and accessories. They have discounted iPads in the past but until the morning of Black Friday, the actual discounts are a well-guarded secret.

If you want to avoid the hassle and stress of elbowing your way through big box retailers, staying home can net you great deals too -- if you know how to look. Be aware that online deals often differ from what you'd find in store, but that doesn't mean you can't snag deep discounts right from your keyboard.

But for how much longer? With police complaining about the insidious connection between alcohol, crime, and violence, and the government concerned about the rising incidence of "binge drinking," particularly among British youths, government ministers are poised to crack down on the practice of luring customers with deeply discounted alcohol.

Mr. Aylett and other pub owners insist that if pubs are to face tougher rules on alcohol pricing, then supermarkets ought to face the same curbs. Most pubs, says Aylett, don't discount alcohol that much "and even if they do, they are nowhere near as cheap as what you pay in the supermarket." He highlights a disturbing tendency for "preloading," in which people will fill up on cheap supermarket alcohol before going out to carouse in city centers. Pubs by contrast, with trained staff and door security, are able to monitor and moderate drinkers.

What's not discounted? The Wii, Nintendo's popular game console. "Just finding a Wii at list price is a deal in itself," says Dan de Grandpre, founder and chief executive of Dealnews, a Web site devoted to bargain-hunting. "Everything else, it seems, is on sale."

Computers. PCs have been heavily discounted for a while. So rather than slash prices still more for the holiday season, retailers will give you more bang for your buck by offering additional memory and features at no extra charge, says Kevin Strawbridge, president of

Blu-ray DVD players. Stores have been offering deep discounts on these, says Strawbridge. He's seen Blu-ray players advertised for as low as $150, down from $300 to $400 a few months ago.

Apparel. The big news here is that the good stuff is much cheaper. Shoe designer Jimmy Choo (of Sex and the City fame) is having a 50%-off sale at its retail stores and online, and Saks Fifth Avenue has slashed prices on designer labels, such as Yves saint Laurent, Burberry and Ralph Lauren Black Label, by as much as 75%. "It's amazing to see that kind of discounting," de Grandpre says. Even trendy Ugg boots are on sale.

Toys. Although some toys -- such as action figures board games, plush toys and remote-control gadgets -- are already heavily discounted, Strawbridge says the most-sought-after toys, such as Hannah Montana and Star Wars items, haven't been marked down yet. The best time to buy toys, says de Grandpre, is at least two weeks after Black Friday (or about two weeks before Christmas) when retailers, such as Toys "R" Us, Wal-Mart and, slash prices to clear out unsold inventory.

BS: The discounting by specialty apparel retailers and department stores has been interesting to track since Black Friday. On Black Friday, I appeared on CNBC's "Squawk Box" to discuss the start of the season. Before the segment aired, I walked the entire mall to obtain a feel of the inventory mix and the types of promotions being conveyed to consumers. I was pleasantly surprised from an analyst standpoint that deep discounts were not particularly rampant in the malls, and doorbusters at discounters looked about right for a typical Black Friday.

Retailers were indeed partaking in a game of cat and mouse with consumers, wanting to maximize margin dollars early on as they knew the release of pent up demand was likely unsustainable, therefore requiring markdowns to get a sale. During Super Saturday weekend, the magnitude of promotions intensified in the malls and within certain categories at discounters, such as in 42 inch and below LCD and plasma TVs. A 30% off sign morphed into a 40% off sign. The namesake Ann Taylor division, basically 30% off the entire season, added a new wrinkle of 50% off sweaters that wasnÕt existent in prior weeks. Abercrombie & Fitch (ANF) recently moved to 40% at all its divisions from 30% in previous weeks. I think retailers are concerned about being too bloated on inventory entering January, where I suspect the consumer will return to their thoughtful spending ways. 041b061a72


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