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Inspiration that Leads to Motivation

Do you ever have days where you just can't seem to find the motivation to do not only the stuff you need to get done but also the projects that you've been wanting to start? Simple things, including short term and long term goals. How the heck can we push through it and motivate ourselves to finish our check list, or even let alone begin it?! Well for me, one thing that pushes me to the next level is getting inspired. Where do I find inspiration you ask? I have dozens of things that help spark my next idea and drive me to keep moving forward. One of those ways is by just going outside on a walk through nature, but for a lot of us that isn't always a realistic way to delegate our time. I get it, but what if I told you there are ways to fuel your energy while doing the things you have to do every day. Such as driving to work, washing the dishes, eating dinner, you know, passing daily duties. Get ready because I am about to share with you a few of my greatest resources on where I find inspiration to motivate me and carry out not only the work that needs to get done but also to execute the ideas I have while consistently pushing my creativity to the next level!

Taking a step back into the dark days, (aka last year), I discovered some really insightful and fascinating people on Youtube and Instagram. Each person/group of people bring something totally unique and exciting to the table and actually greatly impacted my journey to clarity on where I wanted to take my future career.

A peek into @sorelleamore's work on Instagram

The first person that I came across was a YouTuber and Instagram sensation, Sorelle Amore. If you haven't ever heard of this incredible woman and you're into world travel, minimalistic lifestyle, compelling photography, and realistic life hacking, you're going to want to check her out! She is a photographer, digital nomad, and a teacher. She provides so much in depth information on traveling the world full time and living life as an online entrepreneur. Her dark yet vibrant lifestyle like imagery is pretty dang impressive and her tutorials on "advanced selfies" are so entertaining and useful! Not only does she create content of valuable insight, but she really has inspired me to be me and not care of what people think! She is one of the most real and authentic humans I have discovered on the internet and for that I can't thank her enough for continuing to just kill it this industry, live out her passions, and share it with the world. You can follow Sorelle on Instagram @sorelleamore and YouTube.

Onto the next source of inspiration, which I also discovered through YouTube. Miss Jade Darmawangsa, a 17 year old entrepreneur who dropped out of high school a little over a year ago to pursue her passion in helping people grow their engagement and discover understanding in their niche to further their path to success using social media platforms Instagram and YouTube. She is a SPIT FIRE and a half and is living proof that age is just a number. Jade is truly the ultimate source who inspired me to go forth and just do the YouTube grind.

Before I found her, I actually uploaded my first video on the Tube, and just stopped for whatever reason (Lack of motivation maybe)? About 5 months later she popped up on my feed and just dang! She made me realize that the time is NOW. The more I wait, the farther I will trail behind in where I want to be. Jade's energy is contagious and I personally think she is fricken hilarious. She also provides zero BS, total transparency and I really respect her flat out honesty. Boy, she one hell of an expert when it comes to the online world. This girl is so fresh and new in her field of work and she is taking it on by storm! Two thumbs up for Jade, the message she shares and the guidance she provides! You can find Jade on Instagram @jadedarmawangsa and on YouTube

This next channel I am about to share with you (yes, another YouTube Channel) is the holy grail to everything business for creatives. I kid you not, when I say holy grail, I down right mean the virtual business bible specifically for graphic designers but in general for creatives alike. A man by the name of Chris Do, is the founder and director of this channel called "The Futur" and oh my good word this man is a business genius! Him and his team have provided so much valuable content that has truly made me and my business soar to new heights. From client calls and how to overcome objections, to sealing the deal, this channel is jam packed with real life situations that have helped me further my creativity, excelled my motivation, and have strengthened my knowledge in running a business. This source absolutely paves the way for a brighter, better, and clearer future. You can find Chris Do and his team of experts by clicking right here.

As for other platforms where I find inspiration on, is of course within Instagram. Here I am inspired visually and artistically which drives my motivation to get out and shoot just about everyday. A few accounts I like to follow that really bring it home on frontiering the creativity are @Paigearminta, @officiallyquigley, @reneeroaming, @alenpalender, @ellenbhansen, @maddiegreer, @hilvees, @georgiarosehardy, @megs_legs, @iindiefoxx, and @neekmason. I know it is kind of a long list, but these folks each provide something so unique and intriguing. Whether that be through the perspectives they shoot from, consistency in their personal flair, ways of engaging with their audience, or their overall insight on products they market, places they travel, and styles they wear. I am always learning something new from each of these individuals.

Now that I have dived in pretty deep within some sources that have helped me spark fresh ideas and push me to the next step to reach my goals, let me share a bit on how I implement this throughout my day in ways where I am not indulging too much of my time in these very things. I find that after waking up, I like to get pumped for the day's activities by popping onto YouTube while I cook and eat breakfast, get dressed and just start off on the right foot. This simple way of multitasking during my morning routine has truly fueled my inspiration which naturally leads to my daily motivation.

Like I mentioned in the very beginning, I have dozens of ways and sources that get me inspired and motivated, but to keep things simple, I wanted to share a few of the prominent ways that level up my mood for whatever the day brings. If you made it this far reading this blog post and care to share some of your own sources of inspo that help guide you to daily motivation, I invite you to share in the comments below as we all have different insights and sources that could really impact our day to day lives!

With that being said, take care and go slay the day,


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