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Capturing a Tiny Human

This shoot was a special treat. Want to know why?! Because the cutie in front of my camera here is my godson Weston! He lives a state away, so it isn't that often I get to see his sweet little face. When his momma (one of my very best friends from college) said they were coming down to the Black Hills and wanted to get some updated photos of Weston, I was SO EXCITED!

A quick 10 minute frolic through grandma and grandpa's back yard was all this one needed for me to capture his adorable little personality! Tasty gummy snacks and a few tosses in the air by momma made for cuteness overload!

Then it was time for Weston to unleash his inner cowboy...Let em' BUCK!

We got his pony, Gypsy saddled up to ride for some epic moments.

These playful and organic moments are the ones Weston's family are going to cherish forever. They are what Weston is going to look back on the rest of his life. He will be able to relive the things he loved doing most as a child and what could potentially be the start of his life long passion.

Does your kiddo have something that makes them super happy? Do they have a favorite action figure or barbie they can't live without? Maybe they have an outfit you don't want them wearing out of the house, but it's what makes them, them. What about the obsession they have right at this moment but you know one day they will outgrow? Those are the things I wish I had documented while growing up because my childhood memories continue to slip through the cracks more and more.

When I was a kid, I LOVED my barbies & Polly Pockets. What 90's girl didn't?! What I can't remember are the houses I built for them or the outfits I dressed them up in. The fact that they don't even make those dolls anymore has me wishing I had something to look back on and allow me to reflect on my life as a child.

Do you wish you had photographs of yourself doing what you once loved so that you could share that memory with your children?



As much as we all love a good posed family portrait, how cool would it be to have a collection of genuine moments to share and remember throughout your lifetime while passing it along to future generations?!

There is no better time than now to document your child in their current element because you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

Which is why I am now offering one on one Little Lifestyle Sessions for your little human!

These sessions start at $385 and include a private online gallery of all the best images created during your child's session for you to share online with your friends and family. You'll also receive a 5x5 soft cover photo book with 35 of your favorite images for you to look back on forever, plus more!

For every Little Lifestyle session booked with me during the month of April, I am donating $100 per session to Feeding SD.

With schools and many businesses closed due to the global pandemic and the economic shutdown, thousands of children and their families are facing more hunger than ever.

If this is the kind of gift you want to give to yourself as well as your child in years to come, shoot me an email at or click here for inquiries and more information and let's turn those moments into tangible memories forever.

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