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 Styled sessions for the individual.


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I approach every session like an adventure

in the mountains, by the sea or through the city

Styling and capturing you in the most authentic way is how I roll

& don't worry about the posing,


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It all starts with you, a killer outfit and a location that compliments

your mood. Choose your favorite pieces from your wardrobe and

I'll help build you a polished look from there. Not sure where to

begin with your outfits? I can construct a whole look for you too! 

Who knew a photo shoot could be so therapeutic and regenerative! Ellen is the most outstanding woman in that she is able to be a creative director, highly skilled photographer, and highly empathetic cheerleader of her models all simultaneously. This last note is important because I swear every single question and discomfort I felt in where to put a hand or angle my face or what face to make (general wtf am I doing is this right-isms) - thoughts I was not articulating out loud - Ellen read my mind and instructed me immediately and then was able to keep me energized and happy and in the vibe even as a drunk homeless man was watching from a park bench nearby. The whole time she was successfully taking amazing pictures, posing me and cheering me on - making me feel actually so beautiful and glowing. Even coming off of an exhausting week where I felt like I had little to no energy to even bring to the table, she was able to elevate me. I cannot thank Ellen enough and feel so completely honored to have been shot by her at this point in her career because she will undoubtedly go on to do amazing things. THANK YOU ELLEN! You are a powerhouse with incredible talent. 

- Natalie L.

    Field Marketing Manager for Indian Motorcycle

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