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What is a draw handicap? How to play the draw handicap best?

Football betting is one of the most popular forms of betting and is loved by many people today. It's not just a form of entertainment after long hours of work, but also a way to train your thinking, judgment, and create an additional source of income. And among the bet bookmaker odds, the draw handicap is a type of bet that many people share with each other. So what exactly is the draw handicap and how can you play it effectively?

Explanation of what a draw handicap is:

Football is the king of sports, with strong teams worldwide as well as teams with average or weak records. Therefore, when evenly matched teams face each other, it's difficult to predict the betting odds. Hence, handicaps are introduced to provide handicap points to help the match return to an even level.

There are many levels of handicaps, among which the most common is the draw handicap (level ball), half goal handicap, one goal handicap, and half goal handicap. Among the various odds, the draw handicap is quite popular and attracts a lot of attention.

What is a draw handicap?

The draw handicap is a type of odds used in online football betting. Besides being called the draw handicap, it can also be referred to by many other names such as level ball, 0 odds, draw odds. Essentially, this is the odds that the number 1 bookmaker offers when two teams are evenly matched, and you can choose any odds you want. A draw occurs when both teams are balanced in terms of form, strength, lineup, key factors, etc.

Typically, the draw handicap only appears in major international tournaments such as EURO, World Cup, Champions League, etc. A specific example for better understanding:

In a match between Real and Chelsea. The bookmaker's odds are Real at 0.95 and Chelsea at 0.98. And the amount of money bet on the draw handicap is $100. The match result if Chelsea loses and Real wins:

Bet on Chelsea: you will lose the entire bet amount of $100.

Bet on Real: win and receive winnings: $100 + $100 x 0.95 = $195.

In the case of a draw between the two teams at the end of the match, you will receive back the entire amount of your bet.

So above, wintips has helped you explain what a draw handicap is. This is a type of bet with many advantages, so you should consider choosing it for your next betting sessions.

How to accurately read the draw handicap?

After understanding the draw handicap and recognizing some advantages of this type of bet, the next step is to learn how to accurately analyze the odds. For major tournaments, top bookmakers like wintips often offer many draw handicaps for bettors to analyze, so this is an opportunity you shouldn't miss out on.

Understand the characteristics of the draw handicap:

The odds are offered by the bookmaker when two teams are evenly matched and it's very difficult to determine which team will win or lose.

Next, you need to know that betting on a draw never goes alone, but it goes hand in hand with other bets. For example, the draw handicap usually accompanies bets like half goal over/under, one goal over/under, etc. Therefore, you should analyze and compare the odds between different betting options to make the best decision possible.

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3 possible outcomes in the draw handicap:

Here, wintips would like to share with you 3 scenarios for the draw handicap:

The favorite team wins. In this case, if you bet on the favorite team to win, you will receive back the entire amount of your bet.

Both teams draw. In this case, you will receive back the entire amount of your bet.

The underdog team wins. In this case, if you bet on the underdog team to win, you will receive back the entire amount of your bet.

Accurate draw handicap betting experience for beginners:

When participating in football betting, many people think it's a game of chance. In fact, this notion is completely wrong. If you play based on intuition and chance, you will only end up with the final outcome of losing money, losing assets. Because football betting requires calculation, analysis, and accurate strategy in order to win bets. Therefore, when participating in the draw handicap, you also need to "pocket" some important experiences for yourself.

Choose reputable bookmakers:

Currently, there are many scam bookmakers by offering attractive policies, favorable odds to lure players. If you participate in betting at these bookmakers, you not only lose your betting money but also cause many other consequences.

Therefore, when analyzing odds, the most important thing you should always remember is to choose reputable bookmakers for betting. Reputable bookmakers not only provide you with information about what betting odds are but also ensure financial security and information security for you.

Choose the right time to place bets:

When participating in the draw handicap, the time you join the betting holds a crucial position in determining the outcome of your bet. Typically, you may choose the time when the match is about to take place or place bets too early. After that, these two time frames are not chosen by players.

The ideal time for players to place handicap bets is when the match is about 5 - 10 minutes away. Because this is the time when you can clearly assess the situation, the actual form of the teams. However, you should place bets early to avoid being unable to place bets when time runs out.

Prioritize choosing the home team:

Another experience in analyzing odds that you should refer to is to prioritize choosing the home team. Considering all aspects, the two teams are evenly matched, and the difference is not significant. However, with the home team playing on their home ground, the home advantage leads to high competitiveness and a greater chance of winning.

So there, wintips has shared with you what a draw handicap is as well as the most important experiences for you to participate in this type of bet. Wish you a hundred wins, and don't forget to visit our website bet win tips to participate!


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