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MotorStorm Apocalypse: How to Install and Activate the Game on PC

motorstorm apocalypse is a futuristic racing game developed by the canadian development studio evolution studios. it is the first game of the series to be developed using the unity engine, and was released on the pc on april 25, 2011. the game was not developed by the ea vancouver studio, who were only involved in the development of motorstorm, but rather by a new studio formed by ea. the game was developed by the ea canada studio in toronto, ontario, canada, the team behind the motorstorm games. []

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a new challenge in apocalypse is the introduction of people who will try to interfere in the event. the city houses two factions who will vie for survival, in turn impeding the races that take place. a group known as the crazies will loot from broken buildings, break into fights on the streets, try to slam racers off the road with their trucks, and attack racers with their firearms. a private military company will attempt to enforce order and their involvement will also create obstacles for racers to overcome (such as an attack helicopter firing missiles onto the track). the police is a little more subtle, using the local law enforcement to enforce the law. they will use their vehicles to block racers from the right-of-way, or to chase down racers who are attacking innocent people.

while a couple of the tracks in the game are still pretty well designed, the rest are a little boring. they are very much like a non-descript highway with a bunch of billboards. that being said, the lack of visual interest does have some benefit as it makes things much more simple in terms of programming. if youre a racing fan, the only other choice would be to download the games from the playstation store.


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