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The vodka originally used in Douglas Ankrah's infamous Pornstar Martini and a one of the best vanilla vodkas available on the market. Cream soda and lush vanilla pudding notes spin around on your tongue wrapped in soft ripe lemon. The body is medium to full and the kick is clean and soft with a creme anglais note. This stuff really is outstanding and does real well when kept in the fridge. Drinks wise, flavour combinations are endless. to start off try it with chilled freshly pressed apple juice with a few squashed up blackberries. YUUUUMM!

buy cariel vodka

Cariel Vodka (81.4 proof)Visual: Clear.Nose: Crisp high notes of wet slate, along with a touch of sweet dairy cream.Taste: Bright and with a rich body layered with elements of salt, caster sugar, mineral water and the barest hint of peppercorn.Finish: Dry and refined with a healthy dose of wheat terroir.Overall: A substantial vodka that holds up well in mixed drinks, as well as being a fine sipper on its own. I was impressed with the mouthfeel and character of the grain mix.GSN Rating: A-

Cariel vodka aims to be the best in the world. It is an extremely light golden colour from natural vanilla with a powerful nose of flowery vanilla with a hint of burned hazlenut and a moderate sweet aftertaste.Enjoy Cariel neat as a shoooter or as a cocktail base.

Cariel Vanilla is a triple-distilled wheat Swedish vodka flavoured with natural vanilla extract. Crystal clear coloured, this rich and smooth vodka balances beautifully sweet and cream character with intense and exotic vanilla.

Taste of wild strawberries meet lemongrass with just a touch of citrus for an aromatic spirit like no other. This unique spirit is vodka infused with real fruit and botanical essences. NOSE Bright and Citrusy PALATE Juicy and Sweet FINISH Light and Refreshing

This triple distilled vodka is produced through batch blending, in which small batches of distilled Swedish barley are blended with a distillate from Swedish winter wheat, and finally balanced with untreated spring water. Cariel Vodka has a full bodied character with a subtle sweetness and an unchallenged smoothness.

Cariel Vanilla Vodka is crafted by blending natural spring water with a distillate of Swedish winter wheat and flavoured with natural vanilla sourced from India and Madagascar. This particular combination gives the vodka its signature smooth richness and intensity of flavour.

Cariel Vodka is the flagship label of vodka fro mthe Cariel Distillery in Sweden. It is made from a blended grain base of barley and winter wheat. It is then bottled with water from Lake Vattern, fed with glacial water from the last ice age. 041b061a72


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