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Warband Increase Battle Size

If you try to change the battle size in-game from the settings after using this method, the number will reset and you will have to do all this again. If you just wanted to increase the max battle size in Mount and Blade from the settings, here is how you can do that:

Warband Increase Battle Size

If all you want to do is to normally change the battle size, open the Settings and you will see Battle Size on the first page. Drag the slider to the left to lower the limit or to the right to increase it.

NOTE: THIS TOOL ONLY AFFECTS THE BATTLE SIZE IN THE SINGLE PLAYER GAME, NOT MULTIPLAYER.With this tool you can get around the game's battle size limit of 150 and instead choose up to 1000. Note that overly large battle sizes can very easily crash Warband if your computer isn't able to handle them, or at the lea

There is nothing more important than fighting huge battles in Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord. When you see those thousands of troops march into the battle and look at the carnage, there is no better feeling. However, the game let you watch only a measly 400 troops fight at the same time on that huge map that you know can handle more troops than that. So, to make your experience better, here is how to increase the battle size in Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord.

If you want to use the in-game options to increase the battle size, you will unfortunately be limited to 1000 troops on the battlefield. If this is the option you are looking for, here is how to do it:

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This is an extremely crucial element of the game and knowing how you can increase your party size will help you progress in the game very quickly.

Record Battle Size as set in Options Here you need to enter the number that you've set in game Options (or with the Warband Battle Size Changer tool) for your battle size if you want to use the deployment feature where you can choose which troops spawn at the start of a battle

Terrain advantage in Autocalc battles:Ticked, autocalculated battles give advantage to factions on their home terrain. Unticked, as in Native and auto-battles are only based on party size and troop levels.

On this page, we'll show you how to recruit troops, how to increase your party size, and how to command those troops in battle. (Note that this is not to be confused with how to recruit companions in Bannerlord, which is an entirely different process.)

Your party size is tied to the Steward skill. This skill takes a long time to level up, but the key to increasing the Steward skill is to keep your troops morale high with food variety. You can also assign yourself or your companions who have a high Steward skill to be your army Quartermaster. You can increase your Steward skill by managing towns. This will eventually your overall party size.

While a last-generation console release is surprising, owners of these consoles will surely be pleased with this decision. Perhaps the developers have taken time to optimize the game for the older consoles. Moreover, the games could see similar cutdowns to battle sizes like the previous entry in the franchise.

To level up your clan, you'll need to earn renown. The simplest way would be to fight in battles ideally when you're outnumbered. When your clan ranks up you'll be able to increase your parties size by an additional 15 troops. This is initially a quick and easy process but slows down greatly after the first two levels. Leveling up your clan is oftentimes down without noticing and will be a progressive bonus that will come randomly as your play the game.

Your Steward skill also affects how many troops you have within your party. Putting as many focus points into your Steward skill is highly recommended as maxing out this skill will quickly increase your total party size.

To increase your steward skill it is best to provide your party with a wide variety of food to grow your party's morale. Some food such as grain can be much cheaper, but only providing your army with grain for months on end will greatly hurt morale. Buying or looting all types of food will offer immediate boosts and will continue your parties high morale for as long as the variety remains. It is also best to continuously win battles to help morale, troops tend to be happier winning than dying. Doing these things will consistently level up your steward skill, and further increase your party size.

There are also a few perks that increase your parties size by 5-10. Many of these perks are in the Leadership tree such as Uplifting Spirit and Talent Magnet. One of the better perks is also in Leadership and is called Leader Of The Masses, and this adds an additional 5 troops to party size for each fief owned. This perk can have a powerful snowball effect in the later game when your steward skill is maxed and your clan rank is stagnating.

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Note that overly large battle sizes can very easily crash Warband if your computer isnt able to handle them, or at the least cause horrible slowdowns.

Heres each clan tier, its renown requirement, and how much it will increase your party size: Clan Tier 1 50 renown: 25 Party, 1 companion Clan Tier 2 150 renown: 1 companion, 1 clan party, 15 all parties in clan Clan Tier 3 350 renown: 1 companion, 1 clan party, 15 all parties in clan Clan Tier 4 900 renown: 1 companion, 1 clan party, 15 all parties in clan Clan Tier 5 2,350 renown: 1 companion, 15 all parties in clan In case you werent already aware, you can view your clan tier from the Clan menu.

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I did my best though, devising three different benchmarks. The first was designed to be a "representative" battle sequence that tests the various graphics presets. I locked the battle size to the default cap of 500 soldiers, used the winter form of the "battle_terrain_001" map, and did my best to ride the same route every time. To further eliminate outliers, I ran the test three times at each setting and collated the results.

The Clan tier bonus is the modifier that impacts army sizes in Bannerlord the most. Since clan tier increases are very common, changes are really fast in the early game and can make your party massive.

The other option is to form your own company right from the start. This has the potential to be brutally difficult for many reasons. To begin with, no one knows who you are and it is rather unlikely they would want you leading them into battle. You will have a relatively very small party size and you will have trouble even filling this up. Even if you do manage to roam and get recruits most of your army will consist of low tier units. If you go down this route then you should invest in path finding and spotting and perhaps looting early. This will allow you to spot and identify weak bandit raider/groups etc and basically allow you to find the small parties you actually can attack and hope to defeat. Stay well away from bigger armies as they will completely decimate you. It is always a good idea to join neutral battles (You see a Drachen Vassal and a Maccavian Vassal start a battle. Just walk up to the battle and be like 'Hey guys, I want to hit people with sharp pointy things too!'. Pick either side, preferably the one which is going to win anyway or has the more elite troops so you dont take too many casualties). The advantage here is that you gain bonus relations if the one you sided with wins, while not losing any relations with the faction whose army you defeated. Further, most of the troops on the field (assuming you have a small army) will be those of the bigger armies so there is less for you at stake personally and you can focus on winning renown and racking up kills. Do keep in mind that unlike in Native, its not just bandits who you have to worry about in Perisno. All sorts of folks are out for war. Legionaires, Demon Worshippers, Inquisitors etc. They usually have enormous armies and if one of them catches you your entire force is going to be wiped out. (Not only is their party size large but they pack some seriously elite troops). As long as you are careful, quick and clever, you will quickly win renown and earn a lot of money and experience to level up your skills.

For beginners it is important to understand that merely army size is not the definitive factor in battles. Your army composition and your tactics will also have a huge impact. You can try the traditional approach of having three (near) equal divisions in your army for Infantry, Archers and Cavalry. Remember that the AI in Perisno is not prone to stupid suicidal frontal charges. The AI will take elevated positions on the battlefield and hold them and invite you to come to them. To put it very briefly, make sure your archers are (preferably) stationed on high ground and are not exposed to an enemy charge. Station your infantry directly behind your archers so that in case the enemy charges your line of archers then you can quickly ask your infantry to step up and engage buying time for your archers to reposition. The cavalry should be sent out reasonably far away on a flank so the enemy is not tempted to engage on them first. Timing your cavalry charge to hit immediately after your infantry engages is what you are ideally looking for. This combination will normally inflict many casualties on the enemy in a very short span of time immediately improving your odds in the battle. Become familiar with the most basic battle commands at the very least. 1, 2, 3 and 4 select the four divisions namely Infantry, Archers, Cavalry and Cavalry Archers respectively. Holding down F1 after having selected a division shows a Flag which you can target with your mouse. Releasing F1 will dispatch the division to hold position at the spot. This can be incredibly useful especially for positioning your troops on strategically important points while being very far away yourself. At times it is useful to remember that you can ask your archers/cav.archers to hold fire with F3->F2. Then ask them to fire at will with F3->F1. This is required when you are anticipating a drawn out engagement with multiple reinforcement waves so that your archers do not run out of arrows. Ideally they should fire whenever the enemy is in range and grouped up. Once the enemy formation has already been dispersed (through an infantry or a cavalry charge or loss of morale) your archers should be ideally conserving ammo for the next phase and re-positioning themselves if required. Remember that head on Cavalry charges are the least effective way to use your cavalry (unless its a roflstomp scenario where you have 50 illika falki Knights and the enemy has unarmored peasants - in which case, screw tactics and just charge to save time). Against certain forces a head on cavalry is equal to just disbanding the entire cavalry division (they are all going to die and they will get very limited kills). Preferably your cavalry should always be hitting the enemy when their flank is turned to maximize their shock value. Also, as fights become more complicated you need to understand the value of re-forming and re-positioning. So you timed your cavalry charge just right and decimated the enemy front line. They are now running for their lives and your cavalry is spreading all over the field hunting them down. The enemy reinforcements are going to walk up and pick out your cavalry when they are spread thin. So, ideally, every time you achieve the objective of your command and break the enemy line, take the time to reform your lines (by giving Hold Position commands again and regaining the shape of your army). Also learn the usefulness of getting your troops to form ranks (F2->F1 to 5). If you have a lot of archers then if they form up in single rank they will be spread so wide that it will be impossible for you to defend your archer line. It is usually better to arrange the Archers in 2-3 ranks. This has the added advantage that if you arrange them on a slope, then all ranks can fire without being hindered by the men in front of them. Using multiple lines of infantry is very effective at stopping enemy cavalry charges.


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