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How To Download And Install Native Instruments Traktor PRO 6 V6.12.1 With Patch-R2R [BETTER]

In this article, we will review the features, performance and compatibility of Native Instruments Traktor PRO 6 V6.12.1, and show you how to download and install it with Patch-R2R, a crack that unlocks the full potential of the software.

How to Download and Install Native Instruments Traktor PRO 6 V6.12.1 with Patch-R2R

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Features of Native Instruments Traktor PRO 6 V6.12.1

Native Instruments Traktor PRO 6 V6.12.1 is a comprehensive DJ software that offers everything you need to create stunning mixes and live performances. Some of the main features include:

  • Four decks and Remix Decks: You can mix up to four tracks simultaneously, and use the Remix Decks to add loops, samples and effects to your mix.

  • Stems support: You can play and mix Stems, a new audio format that splits tracks into four musical elements: drums, bass, vocals and melody. This gives you more creative control over your mix, as you can isolate, mute or blend each element individually.

  • Over 40 high-quality effects: You can spice up your mix with a wide range of effects, from classic filters and delays to creative distortions and reverbs. You can also chain up to six effects per deck, and use the Macro FX to control multiple parameters with one knob.

  • Harmonic mixing: You can easily match the key of your tracks using the Key Detection feature, and use the Key Lock to preserve the original pitch while changing the tempo. You can also use the Key Shift to transpose tracks up or down in semitones.

  • Sync and beatmatching: You can sync your tracks automatically using the Beatgrid Detection feature, or manually adjust the tempo and phase using the jog wheels or pitch faders. You can also use the Beat Jump and Loop Move functions to skip or move parts of your tracks without losing sync.

  • Scratching and vinyl emulation: You can scratch your digital tracks as if they were vinyl records using the Timecode Control feature, which works with any turntable or CDJ that supports timecode vinyl or CDs. You can also use the DVS (Digital Vinyl System) mode to control Traktor with any audio interface that supports timecode input.

  • Recording and broadcasting: You can record your mixes directly in Traktor using the built-in recorder, or stream them live to online platforms like Mixcloud or Twitch using the integrated broadcasting feature.

  • Customization and integration: You can customize your Traktor layout, preferences and MIDI mappings according to your workflow and style. You can also integrate Traktor with other hardware and software devices using MIDI, OSC, CV/Gate or Ableton Link connectivity.

Performance and Compatibility of Native Instruments Traktor PRO 6 V6.12.1

Native Instruments Traktor PRO 6 V6.12.1 is designed to deliver high-quality sound and performance in any situation. Some of the benefits include:

  • Stability and reliability: Traktor is built on a robust audio engine that ensures smooth operation and low latency even under heavy load. It also has a Crash Recovery feature that automatically restores your session in case of a system failure.

  • Scalability and flexibility: Traktor can adapt to any setup and environment, from small home studios to large clubs and festivals. It supports a wide range of audio formats, sample rates and bit depths, as well as multi-channel audio output for surround sound systems.

Compatibility and interoperability: Traktor works with most popular DJ controllers, mixers, sound cards and headphones from various brands and manufacturers. It also supports plug-and-play integration with Native Instruments hardware devices like KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboards or 04f6b60f66


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