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Devils Line

Now, since there is no second season yet, the story is also not known. But there is the Manga, which already has told the entire story. So, giving no spoilers, let us look at the potential plot of the second season. The hero, Anzai, is not in the police force anymore, and now he has to face some skeletons from his past. He encounters the vampire that attacked Tsukasa. Since Anzai is a half-vampire, he has to find out his true lineage, and how he became what he is. Also, season two will have the greatest revelation that it is not blood that attracts Anzai. Then what is it? Well, that is the question! Despite all that is going on in his life, he will never forget Tsukasa.

Devils Line

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Yoshitsugu Matsuoka plays the popular character Yuuki Anzai. He is a famous sound artist in Japan; his work in the anime Sword Art Online is well known. Yui Ishikawa voiced Tsukasa Taira, the second main character. She is well-known in the anime community and has won many awards. Ryohei, who plays Hans Lee, Yoshimana, who plays Takashi, and more talented stars are among the voice actors. There are also English equivalents. The anime is also available in English dub.

'If it's not broken, don't fix it' is a common saying that fits with the Devils right now. Over their nine straight wins, New Jersey has started each of its last eight games with the same lines and pairings. Playing with four productive lines is a goal of every team, and the Devils reaping the benefits of that consistency early this season.

"I feel like every line has something to bring to this team at the moment and that's why we're successful," Tomas Tatar explained. "It's nice to have different line combinations and to see their success. That's what good teams do."

The Devils top line has been key in scoring throughout the Devils winning streak. Both Tatar and Hischier are riding seven-game point streaks while Zetterlund has had bursts of offense when the team has needed it the most. Tatar has recorded a goal in consecutive games and six helpers over seven games for eight points. Hischier has five goals and five assists during the point streak including two goals, including the overtime winner against the Senators. Zetterlund helped lead the Devils to a 4-3 overtime victory in Calgary with a two-goal performance, that included the overtime power play game-winner. The winger is still finding his scoring consistency but has embraced the shooting mentality.

"We all have speed, the same pace, we all want to be in the offensive zone," Zetterlund said about the top line. "With my grit and compete I think I fit pretty well. I wanted to shoot the puck a lot and be open for those guys so they can make a play with me."

"Hischier is a great two-way player, he's very responsible, it's easy to play with (him)," Tatar said about his line. "With Zetterlund he has a great shot, we have to use him for that. He can shoot from pretty much anywhere and he has a hard and accurate shot. For me, I'm trying to win the battles, make some plays for guys and provide the opportunity for them to score."

"With (the second) line, they're creating a lot of offense," said Zetterlund. "Hughes and Bratt are circling around, and Haula fits good there with his body and hockey IQ out there. I think they're really good."

This line may not have the big numbers yet, but it's not due to lack of effort. The trio has found possession time using the high level of skill the three possess while firing shots on net. Mercer and Sharangovich have each scored two goals and had one assist during the Devils win streak while Boqvist has contributed one of each. The third line has become a line that can kill time and control the puck while tiring out the opposing goaltender with quality chances.

"We're all fast players, we want to be responsible defensively there but also I feel like we have a lot of talent and skill to score goals," Mercer said on his own line. "I think we're going to try to keep working on that but we're a fast line and we want to make sure we use that."

"The (third) line I really feel has been good with possession, they've been able to control play down low, hasn't turned in the goals for them, turned into good opportunities but would like to see them turn into goals," said Devils head coach Lindy Ruff.

The BMW or impact line is a fan favorite for a reason. The three bring a lot of physicality, exciting plays off the rush, and scoring. The BMW line has 19 points since Oct. 30, and they are constantly credited for bringing energy to the whole team when they're on the ice. Miles Wood is bouncing back after missing all but three games last year. Currently, he has nine points on the season and five of his six goals are during the Devils win streak. McLeod is eight in the NHL with face-offs, building off the success he found at the dot last season. Bastian has five assists and one goal over the last nine games and has been throwing hits. The forward's five hits against Arizona is a season-high for all Devils players.

"I want to give credit to the fourth line," Jonas Siegenthaler said after Friday's practice. "They've been fantastic, they're producing goals, they are producing energy on the ice, it's always good to have such a good fourth line."

"The BMW line has been just a strong line down low, great speed going through the neutral zone, physicality, getting to the net," said Ruff. "I think their goal (Thursday) sums up the way they play. One guy took it to the net, the second guy got there, and all of the sudden it's in the back of the net.

While anime has been growing in popularity, there's no set timeline of when to expect a new season of your favorite show. It could be a year or three before you hear any news about a second season, and this is the same with "Devils' Line." Although Season 1 of the vampire anime came out in 2018, the production company hasn't given any word on whether or not the show has been renewed or cancelled, leaving it open for them to return to the story in the future. A few months after "Devils' Line" Season 1, the studio did release a special OVA episode of the series, but since then there has been no news.

As a natural continuation of the first season, Season 2 of "Devils' Line" would continue to focus on the story of Tsukasa and Anzai. Tsukasa is a college student living in Tokyo, where vampires, otherwise known as devils, exist and prey on humans, resulting in a devil-specific police task force. Tsukasa is fully human, an innocent, young, and kind-hearted woman you tries to be open and accept everyone as they are, human or not. She quickly forms a connection with Anzai after he rescues her from a vampire attack, and the series focuses on their developing relationship as he fights his vampire nature.

  • Megumi Ishimaru / JasonVoiced by: Akira Ishida (Japanese), Clint Bickham (English)An officer who belongs to Public Security Division 5's A Squad. He replaces Sawazaki as the new chief of F Squad under Kikuhara's recommendation. He's also a member of the CCC, going under the codename "Jason". Double Agent: In reality, his true identity is that of an investigator from Public Security General Affairs. His goal was to infiltrate the CCC to look for their members list.

  • Exhausted Eye Bags: Unlike other devils who have heavy eye-bags due to not drinking blood from other humans, Ishimaru's eyes are just regular eye-bags from sleep deprivation after reading so many mangas and light novels at night without any rest.

  • The Mole: The current leader of F Squad, he is revealed to be Jason from the Devil Extermination organization, the CCC. However, he is also a mole for the CCC, as his purpose in joining the organization is just to gather intel.

  • Odd Friendship: Develops one with Asami.

  • Otaku: He loves to stay up all night reading manga and light novels, which results in sleep deprivation and having heavy dark circles under his droopy eyes.

  • Nanako Tenjo / Zero SevenVoiced by: Nao Tōyama (Japanese), Kira Vincent-Davis (English)A sniper with the CCC. She holds a strong hatred for devils and has killed many of them. However, Tsukasa's relationship with Anzai makes Nanako start to reevaluate her views on devils. Boom, Headshot!: Her preferred method of assassination.

  • Cold Sniper: She works at range, a sensible approach when dealing with fast, strong demons.

  • Freudian Excuse: Nanako becomes the elite sniper of the CCC organization because her mom was raped and killed by a devil and then she was persuaded by Kikuhara to join his side to exterminate all the devils.

  • He Who Fights Monsters: At the beginning of the series, her hatred of devils has caused her to become a cold-blooded killer, she reevaluates her beliefs as the series continues.

  • Naoya Ushio / Zero FiveVoiced by: Ryota Ohsaka (Japanese), Benjamin McLaughlin (English)A CCC spy who's a member of Public Safety Division 5's C Squad. He has a burn scar on his face. Good Scars, Evil Scars: Has a large, prominent burn scar on his left cheek.

  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: He tells Tsukasa that he feels intense sympathy for devils because of the difficulties they face, having seen devil police officers struggling with exposure to blood at crime scenes. Thanks to his warped world-view, however, he seems to feel that the best way to help them is to kill them so they don't suffer those troubles any more.

  • Akihito Kanzaki / QueenVoiced by: Kana Hanazawa (drama CD)A non-binary doctor who works for the CCC. He leads a mercenary group composed of ReMI devils. Adapted Out: He doesn't make an appearance in the anime adaption. The only mention he gets is a scene with a whiteboard containing a listing of the CCC's members.

  • Johannes Kleeman / Hans LeeVoiced by: Ryōhei Kimura (Japanese), Scott Gibbs (English)A mysterious half-devil who first appears during Anzai's encounter with Zero Seven. He is able to drink blood without going through a full transformation. Big Eater: He eats like a horse.

  • Bishōnen: Hans is a charming and handsome young fellow with long white hair.

  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Hans is a little on the weird side.

  • Half-Human Hybrid: Like Anzai, Hans is half-human and half-devil.

  • Peek-a-Bangs: His cover the left side of his face... for good reason.

  • Red Baron: When he starts intervening to protect civilian devils from attacks by human vigilantes, he ends up with the nickname of "Silver Wolf".

  • Technicolor Eyes: His devil left eye which he hides behind his Peek-a-Bangs.

  • Tritagonist: The third most prominent character after the two leads.



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