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The Paynes - Season 01

The series begins in Sun Coast, Florida, where Curtis and Ella Payne come to attend the funeral of Curtis' Uncle Robert. Their trip takes an unexpected turn when Ella and Curtis get roped into a real estate deal, landing them in a new community with a new church and unfamiliar family members. The family land straight back into the issues they find in their everyday lives. As life lessons abound, Ella finds a new business, a new home, and a new purpose.[citation needed] On House of Payne season 9 episode 14 "Been A Long Time", this series is officially retconned out of existence as it is revealed that it was all a dream that Curtis had.

The Paynes - Season 01


Tyler Perry's House of Payne is an American comedy-drama live-action series created and produced by Tyler Perry. The show premiered on TBS on June 6, 2007 and ended on August 10, 2012 with 8 seasons. It is the spin off of Meet the Browns. The show stars LaVan Davis, Cassi Davis, Allen Payne, Lance Gross, and Palmer Williams, Jr. In 2017, the Oprah Winfrey Network ordered a spin-off series titled The Paynes, with 38 episodes and the original cast returning to reprise their roles. The series premiered on January 16, 2018. After a possible revival was teased on Twitter, with a script being written in 2019[5], it was officially announced on February 4, 2020, that House of Payne would return with a new season to premiere on BET in the Summer.

The principal cast remained the same (with the exception of Lance Gross being added), led by LaVan Davis. The original format of the series centred around C.J. (Allen Payne) and his family moving in with his Aunt Ella and Uncle Curtis (Cassi Davis and LaVan Davis). Robinne Lee had a recurring guest stint in Season 1-2 as Malik and Jazmine's principal, Nicole Jamieson, whom C.J. soon began dating. Rochelle Aytes originally portrayed as Nicole Jamieson in the test pilot episodes; whereas she was Malik's math teacher. In the test run, Ella and Curtis were originally C.J.'s parents, but in its current format, Calvin is their son and C.J. their nephew. Despite his top billing, Allen Payne is not considered[who?] to be the main actor of the series, especially due to his long absence in the fifth season.

At the beginning of the fifth season, China Anne McClain (Jazmine) and Denise Burse (Claretha) were removed from the series. The characters were written out, with Jazmine going away to a school for gifted children in North Carolina and Claretha marrying a prince and moving away. In real life, McClain left the series for undisclosed reasons. In the beginning of Season 6, both McClain and Burse have returned. Some of the cast members of Tyler Perry's were on The Mo'Nique Show in October 2009. In the seventh season, China Anne McClain has appeared infrequently due to her work schedule for A.N.T. Farm. Denise Burse is no longer credited as a regular cast member. She appears in a recurring role.

Larramie "Doc" Shaw, who portrays Malik, has appeared infrequently since the sixth season. This is due to Shaw's work schedule for The Suite Life on Deck and Pair of Kings, a show he currently stars on Disney XD. He is still a cast member of the show.

All of the episodes from the first five seasons were directed by Tyler Perry. Throughout Season 6, each episode has been directed by actress Kim Fields or her mother Chip Hurd. Tyler Perry directed some of the episodes in Season 7.

In March 2019, it was announced the series was not coming back on OWN, but the second season might return to another network in 2019 or 2020. On August 6, 2019, it was confirmed that the series will be moving to BET. Optimistically speaking, The Paynes season 2 might release sometime later in 2020.

McClain sings six songs and two solos with her sisters on the soundtrack, which debuted in the at number 29 with 14,000 copies sold in its first week. On the soundtrack, McClain sang her version of 's.The release containing the song, reached the eighty-sixth spot on the McClain was a co-star in the 2013 sequel. In 2014, she appeared on the reality singing competition series and was the youngest contestant on the show, winning the show's first season. McClain starred as Gabby Harrison in the original movie (2014) with. She also appears as the main villain Uma in the (2017), playing 's daughter.

A second season of Up and Vanished, covering a completely different true crime story, will debut August 20, 2018. Preview the new season.More About the PodcastMissing since 10.22.2005SELECT YOUR SEASONSeason 1The Disappearance of Tara Grinstead

Our Take: We tentatively recommended American Auto in December 2021 because the Gasteyer-led ensemble that Spitzer put together had gelled pretty nicely, even if the characters themselves seemed like fairly generic workplace comedy tropes. We figured the show would need at least a season for the stories to shape and define the characters beyond the broad archetypes, and we were right. The show still had some issues by the end of the first season, but things were humming along a lot better by the time the last episode aired.

In the first episode of the second season, Ashley and Justin sit down with Matthew Wildcat, a faculty member within the Department of Political Science and faculty of Native Studies at the University of Alberta. 041b061a72


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