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Dragon Girl X [v0.35]

Seitz's video game roles include Eternal Sonata, Mortal Kombat, Castlevania, BlazBlue, League of Legends, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Octopath Traveler, Fire Emblem Three Houses, Skullgirls, Tekken and Ys. On the other side of the mic, Seitz adapted and directed the English dubs of Girls Bravo, Kamichu, Tales of Phantasia OVA, and Carole & Tuesday, in addition to adapting over 100 episodes of other series, including Aggretsuko, Zegapain, Hell Girl, and Romeo x Juliet.

Dragon Girl X [v0.35]

Sash Lilac (サッシ ライラック, Sasshu Rairakku?) is the main protagonist of the Freedom Planet series. She is a hybrid water dragon[1] of unknown origins who is believed to be the last of her kind.

During late 2011, Ziyo was approached by Strife, who requested and was permitted the use of Ziyo's characters for the Sonic fangame she was developing.[4] This game would go on to become Freedom Planet. During development, Strife decided to convert it from a fan game to a commercial property. This meant that Lilac could not remain a hedgehog due to her similarities to Sonic. With this in mind, Strife redesigned her as a water dragon.[5]

Lilac is a teenage female hybrid water dragon standing at 4'7" (140 cm) after the 3-year time skip. As a hybrid, she has mammalian features such as a fluffy tail and nose. Her ears were confirmed to be fish fin-looking like those seen on Merga, but are covered by a pair of earpieces that act as hearing aids, due to a genetic defect.[1] She has light purple scales, magenta-colored eyes, and her hair is colored in a darker shade of purple.

Lilac's Moveset is taken almost directly from the first game, with the addition of her Blink Dash from Freedom Planet 2. She can also summon a Time Gate to get a power-up, which strengthens her moves and enables her to use the Boost Breaker. For her Super Move, she summons the Holodragon to fire a laser beam across the screen.[24]

Fatal Frame (aka Project Zero): Mask of the Lunar Eclipse takes place a decade after five girls mysteriously disappeared at a festival on Rogetsu Isle, an island in southern Japan. While all of the girls were eventually rescued, their memories were lost, with only the faint remembrance of a single melody and a seemingly possessed masked woman dancing in the moonlight. Now, ten years later, with still no memory of the events surrounding their disappearance, two of the five girls have died - discovered with covered faces and found in a tragic, crying pose. The remaining three girls now head off to the eerie island to solve the mystery of their friends' death, while also unlocking the mystery of the memories left behind.The remastered game features an all-new Photo Mode, along with new and altered costumes, and enhanced graphics including the improved rendering of shadows and light, delivering a more immersive and frightening experience. In addition, in-game movies and character models have been brushed-up to deliver a story that shines, both narratively and aesthetically as the three remaining girls attempt to rediscover their past before becoming victims once again. 041b061a72


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