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Mason Lopez
Mason Lopez

Magix Vita Solo Instruments

I have Music Maker 2017 and I downloaded some extra Vita 2 solo instruments. They installed okay, so I thought I can activate them, but nope - you cannot activate anything. I see the instrument in the media pool and when I click the arrow it creates a new track with the instrument. When I open the instrument editor it says it cannot find any samples then says the product is not activated. But I cannot find any way to activate the plugin. When I left click or right click with my mouse on the instrument noting happens, no dialog box pops up. I don't see any place on the instrument or in a menu where you can launch the activation dialog. Does anybody know what to do?

Magix Vita Solo Instruments

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I updated my windows 7 to windows 10 and then went to load my songs, And now the "vita solo instruments" are missing from the library, The program tells me that an "initial activation is neccessary". Then when I follow the prompts to search online for it, the program said an error occurred with the online connection error code -17.

The songs are now missing these instruments. Even though the "vita solo instruments" is still in the library, the program thinks it not there? It keeps saying the "library is not activated" when I go to these instruments.

I have the exact same issue. I can say that uninstalling/reinstalling results in the exact same issue. There is no change. I have repaired the solo instruments 3 times to no avail. I know this isn't an anwer, but perhaps it will show there is an issue here somewhere.

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