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[S2E3] Girls

The episode does a great deal to give the girls of Patience their due, but before they got their moment (no thanks to the men in town), we got not-so-subtle reminders of how women are viewed in Patience (and in general). Yeah, maudlin.

[S2E3] Girls

They even had that very special moment that so many men imagine when they all got drunk and danced together around an open fire. What IS that, anyway? It's by far not the first time it's been featured as a common girls' night staple, but this girl has never experienced it.

Ugh, these two morons. Lorelai is a moron for taking forever to realize that marrying Max is a horrible idea; Max is a moron for ignoring all the blatant signs that Lorelai just isn't that into him. Max isn't even self-aware enough to realize how problematic it is that Rory's teenage boyfriend knows more about the Gilmore girls than he does. He's so ready to slip into fake dad mode ("It's past eleven, guys"), but he hasn't even stopped to consider what that role might actually look like.

In the spirit of keeping this perfect tagline alive throughout the Season 2 of "Girls," I have instated a "togetherness" ranking system. With 1 being the least together and 10 being the most together, see how each of the girls scored in this week's episode "Bad Friend."

The sex is weird and terrible. This is mostly because Booth asks Marnie to "describe the doll" near his bed which would likely make most type-A girls burst into tears immediately. Marnie, however, finds it thrilling and funny.

"Dirty English bastards!" rages Granda Joe at boybands gyrating on the TV. So now may not be the best time for the girls to announce their trip to a Take That gig in Belfast. Despite being forbidden, they'll do anything to get there. Cue a pilgrimage involving Sister Michael and escaped polar bears.

His Zecker Club is now an establishment called Maya, run by a former employee, Anouk Prinsens. She regrets not being aware of what happened to girls at the Zecker, and explains that she bought the club because she had come into money from a divorce and Bodecker had to sell fast and cheap.

The episode begins with Spike telling Emma that her long time friend Snake, a.k.a Mr. Simpson is her new boyfriend. At first Emma doesn't mind the relationship and is happy for her mother... until she goes to school the next day and Mr. Simpson continually asks her if she's okay with their new relationship. Later on that day, Craig Manning asks Emma and Manny if they're going to the Seniors' Dance later that night. They both say 'no' since they aren't seniors yet, and that they're planning to have a girls' night out with Emma's mother that night. Sure enough, the Junior Degrassi students have their own 1980s dance later on in the day in which Mr. Simpson is DJing. When Mr. Simpson asks Emma if she wants to attend the dance, she rudely says no and that she's having a girls' night out with her mom and Manny.

When the two girls finally arrive home they see Spike all dressed up and not dressed for their girls' night. Spike apologizes and tells the girls that Mr. Simpson invited her to an Elvis Costello concert, and that she couldn't refuse. After her mother leaves, Emma becomes upset and wants to do something to take her mind off of Mr. Simpson and her mother, so she and Manny decide to crash the Seniors party at Degrassi. When the girls arrive the principal is standing at the entrance, so with the help of Craig, the girls get inside the dance. Once a slow song comes on, both of the girls are convinced Craig will ask Emma to dance, until out of the blue he asks Manny, which leaves Emma shocked and heartbroken. 041b061a72


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